In Episode II:  Attack of the Clones, the lightsaber effect change yet again, returning partly to the sabers seen in the original trilogy.  The blades became a little thicker and the glow seemed a bit more compact and, though I've found no one who agrees with  me yet, I thought I saw the blade even pulsate during a few scenes.  Yeah, I know, I'm way to observant, but special effects are my life.  This tutorial is actually quite different from the Episode I lightsaber tutorial.  Look on and see.

Materials Needed for this Tutorial:

    -Adobe Photoshop & basic knowledge of the program

    -Digital Camera or any camera as long as you have a scanner

    -A Hasbro toy lightsaber or something to represent the saber (I use a dowel rod)

        Step 1:  Open your image in Adobe Photoshop.  Create a new layer set to Screen Mode.  Make sure to check the "fill with neutral color" box.

        Step 2:  Create "pure" white line over your dowel rod, or whatever you're using for a lightsaber.  The rounded tip for this style lightsaber should be a little more pointed, don't take away from the smoothness, just make the tip a bit  longer.  NOTE:  Leave it so you can see some of the dowel rod around the edges.  Our saber effect will expand to cover this later.  You can use the line tool, but I prefer to use the polygonal lasso tool because you have more control.

        Step 3:  Go to Filter-Blur-and apply a Gaussian blur that is roughly 1/8  your saber width.  Then go to Image-Adjust-Levels and use a value of 10 in the first input box and a value of 30 in the last input box.  Apply another Gaussian blur, just enough to soften the edges so it doesn't look like a hard line.

        Step 4:  Duplicate your blade layer twice.  I've labeled Copy Layer 2 = Tight Glow and Copy layer 1 = Loose Glow. 

        Step 5:  On the Tight Glow layer apply a Gaussian blur that is about equal to your blade width.

        Step 6:  Go to the Loose Glow layer and apply a Gaussian blur that is double your blade width.

        Step 7:  With the Loose Glow layer selected, go to Image-Adjust-Color Balance.  Set the midtones to 100% of your desired saber color and set the highlights value to somewhere between 60-75% of your desired color.  Now go to the shadows and enter a value that is about 45-55% of the color of your saber.  NOTE:  If you're making a blue saber then here you would set the blue level to 55% and the cyan level to 45%.

        Step 8:  Merge the Tight Glow, Loose Glow and Blade layers.  HINT:  Use CTRL E to merge the layers, it's much faster.  Now go back to Image-Adjust-Levels and use a value of 2 in the first input box and a value of 230 in the last input box.  This gives the saber a bit more brightness and thickness.  Congrats, you have successfully made and Episode II style lightsaber.

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