I've had several requests for creating rainy or stormy environments.  There are several ways to create this effect and every site you look at for tutorials will have a different method.  This tutorial covers creating the rain and the splashes/drips as it runs down an object.


Materials Needed:

    -Adobe After Effects (any version should work)

    -Studio Max (any version should work)


        Step 1: Open up After Effects and import (File-Import) your video footage. Next create a new composition (Ctrl+N) and give it the same height, width and duration as your video footage. Rename your composition Rain Splash Mask. Finally, drag your video into the new comp.

        Step 2: Double click on your video in the Timeline window. Now your going to have to draw a little mask around your objects using the Pen tool . It doesn't have to be perfectly accurate, but if you want to go the extra mile you can make the mask as detailed as you want. The picture below is how my mask came out. The yellow line represents the mask.

        Step 3: With your footage selected in the Timeline window, go to Effects-Adjust-Hue & Saturation. Adjust the Master Saturation so that it's -100, essentially turning your video into black and white.

        Step 4: Go to Effects-Stylize-Find Edges. Make sure you check Invert. This should give you some nice white lines around your objects.

        Step 5: Finally, go to Effects-Adjust-Threshold. You'll have to play around with the Level of threshold to get exactly what you want, but usually between 40-50 is good.  Below is how my splashes mask turned out. Not pretty, but it doesn't have to be. 


In Part 2 we'll create the actual rain effects.

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