This one's really just a laser and incredibly easy to do.  Total time doing this tutorial should be no more than 15 minutes.


    Materials Needed

        -Studio Max


        Step 1:  Open a new scene in Studio Max.  Create a Directional light, free or target, doesn't really matter.

        Step 2:  Go to Render-Environment and add a Volume Light Atmospheric.  Use the following settings.  Select your Directional light by clicking Pick Light.  I know mine says Spot01, but the light should be a Directional.

        Step 3:  That's really it.  Just add the laser to your photo and you set.  NOTE:  If you wanted to make the laser appear to come out of someone's fingers, for video, use a Cylinder instead of the Directional light.  You can then animate the height of the cylinder.  For the smoky effect, you'd then add a texture map with the Opacity set to a Smoke map.

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