Used by countless demons on the show as a means of "transport."  This is probably one of the easiest, quickest tutorials on this site, but the result looks nearly identical to the original.  Enjoy.

Click here for sample (requires Windows Media Player)



Materials Needed:

    -Adobe After Effects (any version should work)

    -Still or video camera


        Step 1: Open After Effects and import your video footage. Again, this effect requires that you either use a greenscreen or an animated mask. Check After Effect's help file for masking or the help file that came with your greenscreening software for help with that.

        Step 2: Create a new composition called Greenscreen and proceed to either mask or remove your greenscreen. Once you're finished doing that, create another composition, this time name it Shimmer. Drag and drop the video footage of your background into the Shimmer comp, and then drop in your Greenscreen comp.

        Step 3: With the Greenscreen layer selected, go to Effects-Distort-Ripple. Use the following settings.


        Step 4: Find the frame where you want your shimmer effect to start and create a keyframe of 0 for the Wave Height. Move ahead about 10 or 15 frames (whatever looks best to you) and change the Wave Height to 15.

        Step 5: This step is optional, I like to add it because I think the effect looks better with it, but it's up to you. With your Greenscreen layer selected, go to Effects-Distort-Zig Zag. Set the number of Ridges to 5. Again, where you want your effect to begin, create a keyframe of 0 for the Amount. Move forward 10 to 15 frames
and change the Amount to 5. It doesn't change the overall effect too much, but it imitates the show a little better.

        Step 6: Still with the Greenscreen layer selected, hit T on your keyboard to bring up the Opacity settings. Add a keyframe of 100% five frames past where your shimmer effect begins (that way we'll see the ripple before it starts to fade). Move forward somewhere between 15 and 30 frames (depending on how long you want your fade out to last).

That's it. Said it would be easy.

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