Shining Star Productions is dedicated to bringing you quality tutorials for the purpose of recreating movie and TV effects in your own home.  Our ever-growing list of tutorials are made for beginning digital effects users and use easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

        I created most of these effects under personal request from many friends and family.  If there is an effect you wish to see recreated and a tutorial put up on this site, I'm willing to try to undertake it.  Please check our lists before e-mailing me.  Contact for any suggestions or comments.

Best wishes and happy FX creating,

Chris Luckwald



            First I'd like to point out that I've added new sites to the Helpful Links section.  Museum Replicas offers battle ready swords, armor and other historical reproductions.  I have several of their products and am very pleased with everything.  Atlanta Cutlery has just about any brand/kind of knife you can imagine.  Both have excellent products.

            Second, I'd like to apologize to all who have submitted requests over the past several months.  I've had to take a few extra clients in order to cover tuition and software and my classes require the rest of my time.  I have a list of requests, so I haven't forgotten anyone, and I'll get to them as soon as possible.  At the moment, I'm still taking requests, just please keep in mind that it will take me a while to complete.  Thanks for your patience.


            This is a mini update.  I have several requests I'm trying to fill at the moment (always up for more though), so I decided to put up what I have and post the rest later.  In this update I've posted tutorials for:

Charmed:  Piper's Freezing Power, Orbing, Shimmering

Lord of the Rings:  Ring World Effect

Misc. FX:  CG Rain with Splashes

I've also updated the New Jedi Order section with a little bit of good news.


            I finally managed to get the Spirit Bomb tutorial up and running.  I have a very difficult semester right now and can't find hardly any time to update the site.  Next semester has more animation classes and less Marketing and Economics, so I'm hoping next semester will allow me to devote more time to the site.  For now, I doubt I'll be able to update this site much before the end of the semester.  I'll work extra hard over Christmas break.  For everyone who's requested effects from me, please be patient, I'm doing the best I can.



            Ok, so here's what happened.  Almost as soon as I got back from vacation, one of my hard drives crashed due to a massive power surge we had.  I didn't loose a great amount of work, but it has taken me some time to get everything running as good as before, but I'm back now.  I don't have any new updates yet, but I will as soon as I get time.  My next update will at least have the Sprit Bomb effect.  You'll also noticed that I categorized the Upcoming Projects page and removed the dates.  I was just finding it too difficult to keep up with the dates I had posted.  I also added a new and very resourceful link to the Helpful Links section.  Check back soon for an update.


            I was hoping to get a couple more tutorials up by now, but I've been really busy lately.  I will be out of town until the 17th of July, so there won't be any more tutorials posted until I get back.  I will still try and check my email at least once a week while I'm away, so you can still email if you have a certain question.  Till then, keep on creating and good luck.


            Sorry, forgot to put the links up the my last two tutorials.  They should work now.


            Two more tutorials are up.  The Distructo Disk and the Special Beam Canon from Dragonball Z.


            For anyone who tried to run through the Charmed Fireball tutorial and came up with less than perfect fire, it is because I forgot a step.  I've reposted the tutorial with the correction.


            I've posted two new tutorials.  The Instant Transmission for Dragonball Z and the Fireball effect for Charmed.  I'm hoping to get a few more up in the next week or so.  Check the Upcoming Projects page to see what I'm working on.  I also added three new images to My Gallery.  Love all of them, but I'm especially happy with how the ring scene turned out in Frodo's Temptation.  It actually looks like a shot from the movie.

            Quite of few people have emailed me lately saying there is a problem with the electric plug-in that is needed for a good many tutorials.  I am aware of the problem, I experienced it myself when I reinstalled the plug-in after my computer crashed.  For some reason when I tried re-downloading it and installing it again a few weeks later the plug-in worked again.  So you can either keep trying or your could use the Smoke map that comes standard with MAX.  I don't think Smoke gives as good a result, but I have no idea what's wrong with the electric plug-in.           

            I'm currently working on a revised version of the "dusting" effect I wrote on request.  Until I get my new tutorial for this up , the person that requested the original effect has posted the tutorial that I wrote on their website.  I may or may not put both the Basic and Advanced version of this effect on this site, but if I get enough requests for the Basic, I will.  You can view the tutorial by going HERE, and please sign the guestbook.

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