Sources for other tutorials:

    TheForce.Net- home to many Star Wars fan films as well as quite a few tutorials and sounds for your animations.

    3D Cafe- a great site with tons of tutorials, digital models, texture maps, sounds FX, background images and a collection of links to other 3D sites.

    The 3D Studio- one of the better 3D sites on the web, in my opinion.  This site has it all, high quality tutorials and models, sounds, texture maps, art gallery and contests, resource links and a help forum.  I highly recommend this site for any digital effects nut.

    3D Tutorials- offers both free and commercial help with many different software programs.  Buy commercial books, tutorials, plug-ins, professional models and much, much more.  Recommended for serious 3D users.

    AE Freemart- the best After FX site I've ever seen.  Has tons of tutorials for Adobe After FX.  From tutorials for beginners to advanced effects to fill all of your After FX needs.  Also visit their AE Store for all your After FX software, plug ins, and book needs.  Buy from the store and support the site at the same time.

    Jayse Training- Need some training when it comes to Adobe After Effects 5/5.5, than this is the place to go.  The site offers affordable training that'll inspire you to make your own effects videos.  These are very professional training videos with highly professional results.  I highly recommend checking this one out.

    3D Millennium- a very good resource site for all 3D users.  Has the most comprehensive set of links to tutorials, models, textures and everything 3D that I've ever seen.  Everything is well categorized, so it's quite easy to find what you're looking for.  I highly recommend checking this out.


Sources for 3D Models:

    SCI-FI 3D- tons upon tons of free, high quality Star Wars models, as well as Bladerunner and some other Sci-Fi models.  If you're doing a Star Wars fan film, or any Sci-Fi fan film, I would definitely check this site out.  Not updated too often.


Other Sources:

    Divx Crawler- a very good Divx site with everything you'd want.  From full movies, to trailers, to music.  I highly recommend you check this one out.

    Museum Replicas- great site that deals in battle ready swords, shields, armor and other historical reproductions.  Very good prices for the high level quality.  I highly recommend you check them out.

    Atlanta Cutlery- division of Museum Replicas that offers a huge variety of name brand knives and other cutlery.